JUNGJOONYOUNG 1st Photo Exhibition in Seoul

[Uncovered Freedom]

Notice for Overseas Fans





Hello, this is WithJJY.

We plan to hold JJY's 1st Photo Exhibition [Uncovered Freedom] in Seoul, to share our memories with JJY since 2012.    



For overseas fans who cannot attend the photo exhibition in Seoul, we would like to sell an exhibition catalogue of [Uncovered Freedom].

This overseas set includes all exhibition free gift(ticket/ticket holder/A3 poster/postcard/transparent fan/trading card set-3 cards) and the exhibition catalogue.

*This set is overseas shipping only.      





E-mail Application Period/

4/19(Thu) ~ 4/27(Fri)    



Application Form/


Set Quantity:    




krw 20,000 for 1 set + shipping fee    



1 set/

Exhibition Free Gift(ticket/ticket holder/A3 poster/postcard/transparent fan/sticker set/trading card set-3 cards) + Exhibition Catalogue    



Please send an e-mail to withjjy0221@naver.com if you interested in. Thank you! :D  

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